The ABCs

A hilarious full length comedy about celebrity culture and how fantasy, imagination, and Instagram can take over the lives of teenagers. This play follows Dakota on her quest for achievable perfection and fantasy fulfilled in a world that tells her that this is possible.




Ara's friend Kay has a secret. Deep in the Woods, she meets with an evil being who tells her to do bad things. When Kay threatens Bree, will Ara go along with Kay's plan? Is there a way to escape your fate? Your life? Yourself?

Emily the Artist

This play for young audiences, developed by and for middle school kids, follows Emily on her quest for greatness. Along the way, Emily confronts the death of her Grandmother, realizes what it means to be an artist and to live truthfully, and has some help from some mischievous Greek Gods along the way.

Finalist, NYU New Plays for Young Audiences Festival, 2017

Border Crossing

A full length drama about a ragtag group of friends who are stuck on the on the border of Cambodia and Thailand for the night. The friends' inability to move forward forces them to confront the reality of sudden death and the secrets they have been hiding from each other. They are faced with culture clash, loss, and the task of moving forward. 

Semi-finalist, O’Neill National Playwrights Conference, 2015


Astrid the Great


A comic book one act. KA-POW! When Alex discovers she has super powers, she needs to consult a real super hero on how to harness her powers. So Alex goes to Times Square to find Superman. Will the guy from Queens who dresses as Superman be the hero she needs to transform into
Astrid the Great to defeat the evil monster?